Following up on my previous blog, I would like to answer the most popular question that I heard during the Develop: Brighton conference.

How often are your playtesting and horning the user experience? What tools do you use for this?

To start with I want to repeat one of the main thesis of my topic: “it’s never too early for testing”.

A good practice is to start…

Onboarding is in fact the early player experience or in another way First User Experience (FTUE). That is an extremely important part of the game as it may affect how game attracts players and stick or do the opposite. Of course, it includes the tutorial as well as other dimensions…

It is essential to raise questions on almost everything you experience!

Сritical thinking is one of the main factors making us professional designers. Unlike artist who can rely on they vision, designers should be able to analyse and criticise their solutions for identifying new aspects of current scope. We are often taught that our point of view is important and every vision is unique. In some context it is true, but more often it is strongly reflected on your creative self-esteem. This can be met especially in collaboration with other designers and professionals from other fields of knowledge. You always have to expose doubts on your personal experience, try to analyse outputs again, and listen to your colleagues. So, below please find my collection of inspirations from this week.

Halt and Catch Fire Main Titles

FITC Tokyo 2015 Titles

Kristina Miles

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