Amazing: Inspiring: Educative: — Develop: Brighton 2021

Develop: Brighton conference took place in person this year, and it was absolutely fabulous!

That was even more special for me as I was giving a talk in front of a very big professional audience first time ever. At a higher scope, that was a really so-long needed and important event for the game industry as we finally manage to meet each other and talk to in real, as we did it in the old good pre-pandemic days. Everyone whom I met were so excited about the conference itself as well as meeting the workmates. Last but not the least, I admit that everything about the organization of the event was perfect, as it was in past.

Those kinds of events are always very insightful and helpful for bursting new ideas and establishing new connections. After all, being very enthusiastic about my profession, I typically try to reconsider my work and tasks from a new perspective and (if applicable) — to apply all new things that I have learned and picked up.

But what I really want do the most is to thank people who attended my session and those who left the feedback. You can’t imagine how important it comes for me. For a long time, I carried out some plans for sharing the accumulated knowledge and the experience with a larger audience. The conference brought me that opportunity of sharing the topic that is highly relevant to me. It happened that over recent time I was lucky enough of working on several projects, where my commitment was directly involved in developing FTUE. Moreover, that span over very different stages of the projects and circumstances, resulted in conducting an enormous amount of research and playtest on this given topic.

With no doubts, I felt a little nervous, mostly due to that was my first live talk. That turned out there was no reason to, because you guys were the best audience. I didn’t expect that level of interest in the FTUE at the conference, however the room was completely full! It makes me reconsider the importance of FTUE to even higher level, opposed to business-level topics which in my eyes stayed in bigger demand.

During the Q&A part of my session, as well as afterwards (both at the conference and electronically) I have received a variety of questions related to the FTUE so I feel it would be valuable addressing those here at my blog.
Once again, thank you all for coming, listening and supporting me!

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Kristina Miles

Kristina Miles

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