The more we hear and repeat “DESIGN THINKING” the less it becomes to determine what exactly it means. As a notion, “design thinking” has been described as anything from “ method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions“ to the “ a human-centered, prototype-driven process for innovation that can be applied to product, service, and business design.”

A century ago, when the term “design” only comes into use, and later the notion of design as a “way of thinking” arose from Herbert A. Simon’s 1969 book The Sciences of the Artificial, and in design engineering to Robert McKim’s 1973 book Experiences in Visual Thinking. Over the past fifty years, design thinking has expanded and rooted in many of the creative fields, social and computer sciences.

Design specifics can be determined through the features of professional thinking of the designer — or rather, through originality combination of properties inherent in this type of consciousness. Design thinking combines unique is applied as more of an umbrella term that catches multi-disciplinary, human-centered projects that involve research, thinking and reflection.

It is necessary to highlight features, effective only in its entirety, as:

• imagery

• consistency

• innovativeness

And the video below is my manifesto that defines design approach and describes my self-direction. Thru this small composition, I tried to show my professional objectives and my design methodology.